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Saturday, March 19, 2011

WUSHU beginnings ....

I've had years of karate, dance, basketball, track & field, softball, figure skating, tennis, yoga.  You name it, I've done it.  I've practiced these skills as hobbies, competitively, and/or professionally.  However, on January 6, 2011 I found a PASSION that's awakened the inner self that has been laying dormant for years.  It is the single discipline that fulfills me MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT: *WUSHU*!

It's my overwhelming appreciation and search for a connection to my Chinese ancestors.  It's the daily progression that I see affecting all other areas of my life in the most positive, zen way possible.  It's the pure rush I get when I complete a form in it's entirety.  It's the satisfaction of passing testing and receiving a new belt, that marks an accomplishment and a new set of movements to master.  It's the wind that passes by as my broadsword cuts through the air.  It's the pain in my hamstring and the tightness in my neck.  It's the HURT so GOOD that leaves me exhausted in a heap on the floor.  It is the door that opened me to meditating on a daily basis.  *WUSHU*!

Here is a video of my mentor, Coach Matthew.  Footage of me as soon as I do the artform justice enough to post.  Wushu is my WOOSAH.  I'm truly embracing this rainbow.. and this one's a double rainbow!  xoxo

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